Investing in Silver: How to Embark on Silver Investment

When it comes to being recognized as an investment commodity, silver is like gold, palladium and platinum. For more than four centuries, silver has been seen as store of value, as a well as a legal tender. Investing in silver takes place in different ways.

Here are ways to invest in silver:

Buy Silver Coins

Buying silver coins is a common way to physically invest in silver. The Canadian Silver Maple leaf is a popular and typical example of silver coin, featuring 99.9% pure silver. Silver coins come in two forms: ‘Junk’ or ‘Fine.’ The junk silver coins have low silver content – e.g. the U.S. fifty-cent, quarter, and dime coins minted earlier than 1964 or exactly in 1964.

Open a Silver Account

Owning a silver account is another way to accomplish silver investing. In any of the major Switzerland banks where silver coins are purchased and offered for sale over-the-counter, someone desiring to invest in silver can open a silver account. When you open a silver account, your account is backed through unallocated or allocated storage.

Buy Silver Bullion Bars

The most traditional form of silver bullion investing is buying silver bullion bars. An investor can buy or sell silver bullion bars over-the-counter in majority of the Switzerland banks. The storage includes putting them in a bank’s safe deposit box. Another method is placing them in pooled (unallocated) storage or allocated (non-fungible) storage.

Own a Silver Certificate

Investing in silver can also take the form of owning a silver certificate. When you opt for silver certificate, you can purchase or sell the security, which is more convenient than handling physical silver. The sole silver certificate is the Western Australia Perth Mint Certificate Program.

Also, investing in silver can be accomplished by trading in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). Another way is to enter into a Contact For Difference (CFD).

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