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Regal Assets Review: Should You Invest In Regal Assets?

If you are thinking about investing in a gold IRA rollover account, now is an excellent time. The price of gold continues to climb even as other commodities show signs of being unstable. Historically, gold has provided one of the highest returns on investment of any other precious metal. Maybe that’s why it has been so highly valued going back for centuries.

Gold is always in high demand because it is a hedge against uncertain times. While national economies go boom and bust, gold almost always retains its value and often escalates in value at a rate far greater than most stocks, bonds and most other commodities.

Where to Buy Gold

Unlike several decades ago, gold can now be purchased freely in the US and in most overseas markets. Some countries – including South Africa and Argentina – mint solid gold coins, but you can also buy gold bars in various weights and sizes.

Gold can be bought just about anywhere these days. It seems like there are “Cash for Gold” stores on every city street corner. There’s even vending machines in shopping malls in Switzerland, Austria, German and Great Britain where you can use your credit card to buy solid gold bars and coins.

But just because you can buy gold anywhere, it doesn’t mean you should. Gold is a precious commodity that is practically guaranteed to increase in value over time. You can use it to pay for your retirement, provide a nest egg that you can pass on to your children, or to fund the kind of lifestyle you’ve always wanted. So it’s critically important that you buy your gold from a trusted source so that you know the gold you are getting for your money is the exact weight and purity that you paid for.

Regal Assets : The Pros

When I planned to invest in a gold rollover IRA, I conducted extensive market research to find a company I could trust. I spent nights reviewing companies online.

One company that caught my interest was Regal Assets. They had an excellent rating from some of the most trusted reporting agencies, including the top score given by the Better Business Bureau. They also received A + rating fromTrustLink – a famous credible review site that publishes valuable feedback from real customers.

There are 1030 positive reviews about Regal Assets. You can read all Regal Assets customer reviews through the link here :


Apart from that, the thing that I kept hearing about Regal Assets was about the wide selection of products they had to offer. It seemed as if Regal Assets had every size, weight and denomination of bullion and bars available from anywhere in the world. They had gold coins from South Africa, Mexico, the United Kingdom and even from the US.

Regal Assets : What Investors Liked

In addition to selection, what investors liked about Regal Assets was their customer service. If you’ve ever dealt with investment counselors, you are probably used to being given the brush off or having your questions answered by being referred to a website or with curt, hurried responses.

But several of investors said they were amazed by the kind of personalized service they received when they dealt with Regal Assets. Their representatives answer questions patiently and thoroughly and never make it seem as if you are invading on their precious time. In fact, Regal Assets’ representative go out of their way to make sure that you understand your options so you can make the best decision when it comes to investing in gold.

Regal Assets offers many different types of gold investment portfolios that can suit any type of investor. They believe that investors should choose based on their needs and investing preferences, rather than being sold whatever the investment counselor happens to be pushing on that particular day.

Regal Assets Available Portfolios

Regal Services offers every type of portfolio, from those that can be liquidated almost instantly if needed to long-term investments that can be socked away for retirement or some other purpose down the line.

What I discovered when researching this company is that when you contact Regal Services, you will be provided with all the advice and information you need to make an informed decision. Even if you know nothing about buying gold, silver or other precious metals, everything you need to know is provided to you in an easy-to-use gold investing kit. The kit is absolutely free, as your consultations with representatives of Regal Assets.

Inside the kit, you will find a lot of useful information, including why gold has always been the prime investment throughout history, how you can use gold to plan for your retirement and the simple steps you can take to open your own gold IRA rollover account.

Regal Assets : The Cons

There is one red flag that popped up when I researched Regal Assets. Recently, Apparently, Regal Assets is the target of pending legal action from some of their competitors. Mainly, these legal actions seem to be against the deceptive, biased and false forms of advertising used by Regal Assets’ affiliates towards its competitors.

But looking into this a little further, those legal problems were not related to Regal Assets’ dealings with customer. Rather, they were an unrelated matter having to do with their affiliate advertising program. As mentioned before, Regal Assets received top score from both Better Business Bureau and Trust Link. They had very little customer complaints over the past few years. Those legal actions were solely focused on the malpractice of Regal Assets affiliates that caused harm to its competitors.

Regal Assets Review: The Verdict

So should you buy gold from Regal Assets? If you are even thinking about investing in gold but you aren’t sure how to go about it and you don’t want to be pressured by some pushy salesperson or overwhelmed by some high-volume sales pitch, Regal Assets is where you should begin.

Regal Assets truly leaves the final decision up to you while providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Plus, they will answer any question you have patiently and without trying to sell you anything. That is a refreshing experience, especially if you are accustomed to dealing with high-pressure investment counselors who are always ringing you up or emailing you with some sort of “deal of the day”.

To sum up, if you are looking for a low-key yet highly informative and helpful company that will take the time to answer your questions and has a wide variety of gold, silver and other precious metal investment portfolios, then you should absolutely contact Regal Assets.

They will provide you with your free gold investing starter kit which will answer many of the questions you have about investing in a gold rollover IRA or another product.

Gold will always be a great investment opportunity. Let Regal Assets show you how you can get started investing in gold today. Here’s the link to Regal Assets:

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