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The Precious Metal Featuring the Most Thermal and Electrical Conductivity

The general description that silver is known with is white, soft, glittering metallic element. This precious metal exists naturally as an alloy in its pure form, alongside gold and other metallic elements. It also occurs in chlorargyrite as well as other minerals. Just like gold and copper, silver is quite ductile and malleable.

Silver possesses the most thermal conductivity. Also, among the recognized elements, silver features the most electrical conductivity.

The Different Applications of Silver

For ages past up till the moment, silver has been valued, especially with its vast applications such as the following:

• Jewelry Making – Sterling silver is particularly the major material for making watches and fine jewelry.

• Photography – Sterling silver nitrate is one of the components of films.

• Silverware Production – Sterling silver is also applied in making ornaments, tableware, as well as utensils.

• Mirrors and optics.

• Wide range of commercial and industrial applications – e.g. silver serves as catalyst in chemical reactions.

• Dentistry – Dental amalgams are produced with silver-mercury alloy.

• Electrical products – Silver is applied in making electrical and electronic products such as printed circuits and computer keyboards.

• Apparel – Yarns are produced by mixing silver ions and polymer.

• Medicine – Silver ions and silver compounds produce certain toxic effects on bacteria, viruses and fungi but do not harm humans.

• Silver is also used to produce coinage or currency.

The Principal Sources of Silver

The main sources of silver are gold ores, zinc, copper, silver and lead. Other sources are chlorargyrite and argentite. Silver also exists natively.

The Popular Silver Producing Countries

The most recognized silver producing countries include the United States, Mexico, Peru and Canada. You can find fine silver (containing nothing less than 99.9 percent pure silver) commercially.

Over the last century, the market has witnessed consistent fluctuations in the price of silver.

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